SolidWorks Online Training – Basic Overview Best for the Starters

Solidworks Online Training (Fundamentals)
November 5, 2016
Learn about the SolidWorks Features
November 7, 2016

SolidWorks Online Training – Basic Overview Best for the Starters

In this section we will learn the basic of SolidWorks in the short period of time. This SolidWorks online training course perfectly designed for the beginners to know the basics of this software. The professional CAD team has worked smartly to build this course in SoldWorks 2016.

We will be able to learn about the software intuitive interface, access to the basic SolidWorks commands and increase the modeling flexibility. Ahmad has covered everything in this course about 2D sketching and the basic 3D modeling with the most important tools. Moreover, we will learn to create basic body and all features of the software that we must need to create initial level models.

Specifically, this SolidWorks online training will let we know basic navigation system of Solidworks. Then the course will move to the interface of SolidWorks where we will demonstrate we how to adjust document measurement units. The basic part included to teach we about the design tree and its proper use. By the end of the basic part, we will also learn 3D model from the sketch. The instructor has covered all of these points only in 30 minutes; later it will be up to we how much time we have to practice.

In simple words this SolidWorks online training contains whatever we want to get started, however, for the advanced part, we will go with the SolidWorks tutorials.

Topics Covered

The total basic part is covered in 8 lectures. All lectures are discussing different features and tools of the software. There we’ll learn about:

  • Section Overview
  • Document properties
  • Feature tree and Command tab
  • Navigation
  • Making Axis
  • Making Planes
  • Undo-Redo and Selection
  • Sketch & Boss Extrude – Make us 1st 3D

Initially when it comes to use SolidWorks navigation for graphics sometimes it becomes a challenge. In this part, we will learn the techniques to create we model exactly the way we want! As the SolidWorks 2016 interface is updated, so we need to learn the interface of the software and this tutorial helps we to understand these changes. The new SolidWorks online training teach we about the fresh color scheme and flat icons so in this SolidWorks tutorial we will learn things like this. The tutorial maker has discussed the use of Measure Units dialog box to adjust units of the portion used by the Measurement tools. By the end of this section, we will be able to create our first 3D model sketch with the experimental freedom.

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